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User of the Month

User of the month for Fillable Document

March 2024

Name: Kristin

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Fillable Document is a time saving tool for me that cuts my documentation time dramatically. "

February 2024

Name: Aryn K 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Overall i am very happy with the product. It has made collecting information from clients easy and also allows me to automate my own system, by auto filling email templates i have put into a document."

January 2024

Name: Stephanie Morris 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"I downloaded this app to help make a fillable web form for a proposal process.  It's excellent, easy to set up (if you are familiar with this type of thing) and works beautifully.  I have never reviewed an app before, but my experience with this tool is so positive I needed to come on and say so."

December 2023

Name: Brenden Stermer

Profession: Housing Support Specialist

Organization Name: United States

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Fillable documents appears to be just what our company needs to streamline our report keeping team needs. The integration capability with google sites makes this a perfect fit for us."

November 2023

Name: Sam Vanis

Profession: Data Support Specialist

Organization Name: Glenview CCSD 34, Chicago

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Fillable form has been so helpful and easy to make fillable documents accessible without needing to have Adobe. They are also great because they work with Google and Google is easily translatable where we have many families that speak different languages."

October 2023

Name: Eddie John 

Organization Name: Stomping Ground Brewing Co, Australia

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Good, very customisable happy with it. Have allowed us to conduct reviews effectively for our staff"

September 2023

Name: Victoria Stratman 

Organization Name: Voila Staging & Design 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"It's a great tool, easy to use, and capable of multiple tasks. Set-up is fast, easy, and with lots of help. It's a great way to improve productivity."

August 2023

Name: Taylor carlson 

Organization Name: Manager, Ballet Tucson 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"I love how easy it is to create fillable documents from scratch and store all info from the documents in one easy to manage setting."

July 2023

Name: Patricia Casasanta 

Organization Name: CEO, Shelby Township 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"I have been using Fillable docs for a littler over a year, and it has been a time saver when drafting up proposals. I would love to learn more about the program's features to see if it can replace Docusign"

June 2023

Name: Azliana Mohd Azlan 

Organization Name: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Use it as document automation to generate reminder letter. Great experience. Keep it up."

May 2023

Name: Mark Gibson 

Profession: Montreal, Canada

Organization Name: Zero Emission Faith Groups

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Fillable has provided a simple way to collect information from our widespread participants in a simple and secure manner. We can handle long documents very well, and have flexibility about where the data is stored, including amalgamating multiple questionnaires within a single Google Sheet. When I don't understand how to make a feature work, or when there is a problem or a bug, they are very rapid at helping me fix the problem. They are always gracious and competent."

April 2023

Name: Lillian Damico 

Profession: Therapist 

Organization Name: Two Rivers, Washington DC

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Super helpful for creating templates to use for my daily therapy session notes. Makes the whole process much faster."

March 2023

Name: Bryan Bell-Moore 

Profession: Supervisor- Call Center 

Organization Name: Everise, Columbia, South Carolina 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"I love it I think its great application. I run a call center production team. It works great for my QA and agent review templates

I love IT !!!!!!"

February 2023

Name: Greg Provenzano

Organization Name: Tax-Aide of Thurston County, WA 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"I'm a volunteer tax counselor in Thurston County, Washington. I will be using Fillable Documents to create fillable letters that I will be emailing to taxpayers who are missing key tax documents. I found this Google Doc Add On to be fairly easy to use and intuitive. It has allowed me to automate a routine task that would take me considerably longer to accomplish without the application."

January 2023

Name: Kim Mason 

Profession: Administrative Specialist

Organization Name: Patapsco Valley State Park

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"We have found Fillable Document to be essential in our efforts to automate some office processes."

December 2022

Name: Lillian Delgado  

Profession: Mover 

Organization Name: Arroyo Relocations 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Love this! its an easy and efficient way to go paperless, we use this to have our employers fill out daily job reports after their day of performing a move is done. Its free! and with very low priced subscriptions."

November 2022

Name: Susana Evelyn Dumlao  

Profession: Admin assistant 

Organization Name: SVLAND CORPORATION .  

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Very useful and smooth. It helps a lot with my work. It shortens the amount of work that I do. "

October 2022


Profession: Professional Move Manager

Organization Name: Organize Me Inc. 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Fillable Document has helped me to use my time more efficiently when creating a document that we create for each of our clients. Game changer! I do have some questions on how to set up documents a certain way and I've reached out to the creator for help and look forward to hearing his answer. "

September 2022

Name: Marco Maduro 

Profession: Tech Recuiter 

Organization Name: Cloud Solutions 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"It's a great product that allows me to automate a tedious component of my process. With fillable I am able to save time and focus on less administrative tasks. Maybe if the UI was larger then it would be a 5/5 from me "

August 2022

Name: Salat Ibrahim   

Profession: Accounting 

Organization Name: AYD trucking

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"Fillable Document is very useful when I have to gather application forms from clients. Also, I don't have to worry if I missed any important information when making a contract."

July 2022

Name: Carissa Springer  

Profession: School Counsellor 

Organization Name: Selwyn House School 

What they feel about Fillable Document?

"I am enjoying using this add on to help create templates for my therapy practice. I gave 4 stars and not 5 because I feel like it could be a bit more user friendly, but all in all, it has been very helpful. "

June 2022

Name: Mrs. Janine Sarna-Jones 

Profession: Certified Professional Organizer® & Certified Move Manager

Organization Name: Organize Me Inc. – NYC Organizing & Move Management 

Jivrus Product Used:

What does she feel about Fillable Document?

"This add on is just want I have been looking for! It does exactly what I've been needing. By making it possible for me to use my Google Doc templates more effectively, cutting down the time I spent filling in data by more than half and limiting errors."