Form Director

User of the Month

User of the month for Form Director

June 2024

Name: Dr. Aishwarya

What they feel about Form Director?

"It's the best thing out there to use any google application with ease. This takes productivity to the next level. It's one of the best add on I've ever used. "

May 2024

Name: Horia

What they feel about Form Director?

"The standout feature of Form Director for me was its incredible versatility and ease of integration with various platforms and services. It transformed the way I approach form creation and automation by allowing me to seamlessly connect my forms to tools like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and even CRM systems. This integration capability saved me countless hours of manual data entry and significantly streamlined my workflows. Additionally, the user interface is intuitive, making it easy for me to set up complex form automations without needing extensive technical knowledge."

April 2024

Name: Anish Kumar

What they feel about Form Director?

"Much thanks for making this amazingly accommodating application, Structure Chief. I can't communicate the amount it has emphatically affected my work and efficiency. It has genuinely been a unique advantage for me."

March 2024

Name: Karly

What they feel about Form Director?

"This has been such a time saver for my application process. Usually I am making paper applications that include recommendation forms that must be completed by a teacher. Not only has Form Director cut down on my use of paper, but in one action the students selected the teacher to fill out the recommendation & an email was automatically sent with the recommendation form to that teacher! Now I have all of my applications and recommendations together in my Google drive. "

February 2024

Name: David H

What they feel about Form Director?

"Overall, once the obstacles were overcome. It has been a great decision to employ the Form Director. Fortunately, my son has used it first and was very helpful in assisting me when I was confused about the product."

January 2024

Name: Grace Bautista

Profession: HR Manager, USA

What they feel about Form Director?

"I can't express how much this app has revolutionized my workflow! The seamless automation process has truly transformed the way I handle tasks. Thank you so much for creating this incredibly helpful application, Form Director. I can't express how much it has positively impacted my work and productivity. It provides instant email notification and helps me more organize."

December 2023

Name: Tina Duenweg

Profession: Administrative Assistant, USA

What they feel about Form Director?

"Form Director is one of my greatest discoveries of the school year. By using Form Director to direct my forms I am easily able to get approvals from my District Administrator and then simply create a form using a template I create in Google Docs or Google Sheets. This add on has saved me so much time in running around trying to get approvals. I have tried other services but Form Director is so user friendly and efficient that I recommend it to others all the time."

November 2023

Name: Timisha Johnson

Profession: Therapist, USA

What they feel about Form Director?

"I love this app. It makes my life so much easier. I get referral information from clients, and that information is automatically stored in my Google Contacts and saved to my contact groups, I also have everything saved to a spreadsheet. and an email notification that comes to myself and my client"

October 2023

Name: Judel Carlo Daulat

Profession: IT Admin

What they feel about Form Director?

"Very helpful and easy to use in google calendar automation. Highly Recommended!"

September 2023

Name: James Castle

Profession: In-House Lawyer / Operations / IT

What they feel about Form Director?

"Surprisingly advanced and highly customizable add-on that works with Google Forms and many other Google products."

August 2023

Name: Hanbi Kim

Profession: Training

What they feel about Form Director?

"I'm using this Form Director to synchronize the google form to google calendar, and it works well. Super convenient and willing to use it for my business. Recommend for everyone!"

July 2023

Name: Alison Canning

Profession: Let's Get Together(Non-profit)

What they feel about Form Director?

"This is a fantastic tool! It saves a lot of time and effort. We use it to automate sending Thank you emails and attachments by linking Google Forms to Gmail."

June 2023

Name: Hunter Davis

Profession: Graveside Vault Services

What they feel about Form Director?

"I love this add on to my Google form! I can take my own information from my form and create my work calendar for me and my team. This app has really turned around my scheduling game and has become a critical part of my system."

May 2023

Name: Ian Macasa

Profession: Coordinator

What they feel about Form Director?

"I love this Form director. It is a great solution to automate creating event in your google calendar from google forms. It is very accurate and I highly recommend it for this purpose. As a booking coordinator, form director has made my task very easy. I now just focus on new responses from the google forms and verify if events are created in the calendar. No more tedious manual creation of events in google calendar."

April 2023

Name: Ong Chin Young

Profession: Homebaker

What they feel about Form Director?

"Form Director is a very useful app. It help us to synchronize and interlink google doc, google form and google calendar. In extension, this also allows us to easily access information of each google form order in calendar without having to go through the mass information in google sheet. it has been very helpful for us to set reminder when order is comes in and to ensure we don't miss out any orders and ensuring the design is per our customers' requests. Having used the trial, I can never go back to manually key in information from google sheet to new event for each entry in the calendar. It has made my work so much easier and saves so much time. Setting up the linkage is easy as well so it worked on my first try and had been so easy to edit that I can improve on any information I missed out once in the setting and never have to worry about it again."

March 2023

Name: Beatrice Salvadori 

Profession: Dean of Students  

What they feel about Form Director?

"Form Director is a great tool to use! It's intuitive to use and gennerates and send automatically a mass of emails directly to students and professor just with one form. It definetely saves time and increases efficiency."

February 2023

Name: Shawn Abele 

Profession: Instructional Technology Coordinator  

What they feel about Form Director?

"It is great for my team as it saves them from having to duplicate work - filling out the Google Form (used for data collection) and entering the information on a shared calendar. Everything is taken care of from the form."

January 2023

Name: Marieta Kovacheva   

Profession: Office Manager  

What they feel about Form Director?

"Amazing app that helps me superbly with filling out paid leave forms and converting them into paid leave applications - ready for the payroll. I'm using it now for more than a year, more than satisfied."

December 2022

Name: Shahzeb   

Profession: Tech Support  

What they feel about Form Director?

"Works as described, been using it for over a year! Will recommend to anyone who wishes to automate their responses!"

November 2022

Name: Jon Andre Pedersen   

Profession: Director and educator  

Organization Name: Educator & Social Entrepreneur  

What they feel about Form Director?

"This tool makes our work much easier and help us automate relevant elements to our work in an efficient and great manner."

October 2022

Name: Amit Verma   

Profession: Finance and Marketing  

Organization Name: AR SHIPPING 

What they feel about Form Director?

"Form Director is an excellent tool and which must be used by all to automate the supply of information"

September 2022

Name: Laura Park   

Profession: Practice Manager of Allied Health Clinic  

Organization Name: Hopscotch and Harmony  

What they feel about Form Director?

"Fantastic Add-on which makes information provided to us very easily accessible when converted from sheet to doc. Support when needed has been quick and thorough. Would highly recommend this product! "

August 2022

Name: Lisbeth Chapman   

Profession: Administration  

Organization Name: Faith Presbyterian Church 

What they feel about Form Director?

"We have recently grown from a staff of 10 or so to about 25 and counting. As we grew, it became hard to keep up with who was in the office and when. Using Form Director, I created a simple form that would send an email to the person's supervisor to request time off AND add their days off to a shared calendar. It has simplified things for us for sure! "

July 2022

Name: Caleb Sheffield   

Profession: Volleyball Club Director  

Organization Name: Southern Kentucky Elite Volleyball Academy  

What they feel about Form Director?

"This app is great! It has allowed me to streamline processes within my business smoothly by giving connectivity to multiple google services. This has enabled up to create a process in which our coaches can schedule private lessons by having clients fill out a form, and the main calendar is always current and up to date because of this. They have also included an approval system which allows us to control if lessons can be added or not. This prevents scheduling conflicts for us, and has allowed for tracking when the facility is in use. The app also gives great control over who notifications will be sent out to, as well as reminders that can be automated. There are many more functions available in the app that we have not yet tested, and we are looking forward to using this application even more! "